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Haweka Alignment - AXIS4000

Axis 4000: The Revolutionary Computer-Based Wheel Alignment System for Commercial Vehicles

The Axis 4000 wheel alignment system is a new, innovative heavy-duty alignment development from Haweka. This top-of-the-line heavy-duty system represents years of research, development, and experience in portable wheel alignment, culminating in a simple, easy-to-set-up, accurate system that can be used at the job site or in the shop.

Versatile and Accurate

The Axis 4000 is the brain child result of years of German engineering trial and error. The designers and engineers at Haweka tested it, made changes, and then repeated the process until they were sure it passed their tests and conformed to their strict requirements. The high-quality wheel alignment system enables real-time, highly accurate and fast measurements of heavy duty vehicles on the job site so that drivers, operators, and mechanics know the alignment is true and proper.

The key factors that led to Haweka’s decision to continue developing the Axis measuring process were:


  • High global demand for heavy duty wheel alignment

  • Flexibility of Axis 4000’s measuring technology

  • Accuracy of Axis 4000’s measuring system

The result of the years of German engineering effort and testing is the Axis 4000, a product introduced for the first time in North America by Allpart Supply, a heavy-duty alignment system that raises the bar on ease, speed, and accuracy in the HD market.

To find out more about the Axis 4000 in the US and Canada, please contact Jorge Garza, Territory Manager—Heavy Duty at 817-764-3437 or email at jgarza@allpartsupply.com.




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